Inspiration – Recordings from Hariji’s Classes

I found these old recordings in my archives. These are from Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s classes back in 1989-90 timeframe. Don’t know the exact date. I recall that apart from me, the other attendees were Francoise Roditi and Catherine Potter.

I regret the audio quality. This was recorded during my student days when I could barely afford bansuri – let alone the Sony Walkman with recording capability and microphone. It was kindly given to me then by Francoise. Besides, the location of these classes used to be in a pretty humble place, right next to a road with passing BEST buses, cars and rickshaws which you can hear in the background.


Raga Yaman

Bandish in Teentaal –


Jod  –


Jhala –


6 Responses to “Inspiration – Recordings from Hariji’s Classes

  • thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this invaluable recording – amazing to hear the variations each student was doing. The mukhada was played pretty much consistently the same way by each student.. sounded really good. The teehai section where he did the counting was fascinating — from 12th beat, 11th beat off-beat, etc. I remember Prasad teaching this .. guess we are not good in taal yet to execute this well.

    • We were not too good at the time either. This will sound as stating the obvious but all it takes is a lot of practice.

  • Prasad,
    Do you happen to have the alap section of these classes? If so, please do post. It’s amazing how much I’ve learnt just from listening to these three tracks. This is my first experience at listening to Hariji teaching. This will forever change the way I will listen to and learn from Hariji’s albums going fwd. I am so much in envy of you for having had the great fortune of learning from him first hand!

    • Bibhas –

      Apart from some wonderful memories of Hariji’s classes and his magical music at its prime, I don’t have any other recordings. If I could afford a recording device those days, there was certainly an opportunity to have 100s of these. Having said that, these were from particularly intense few days when I recall playing just alaps for 2 hours, just jod for 1 hour and just jhala for 1 hour in class over 3 days.


  • hello prasad,
    thnx 4 the recordings. the first composition can also be found on a learning CD called “Bansuri Guru” (yaman part), of course its not that long there.