Lesson 0


The goal of this lesson is multi-fold –

  • To give you an idea of how the lessons in this site works
  • To give you an appreciation on what to expect and what not to expect
  • To help understand expectations from you, challenges you might encounter and provide some strategies to deal with them.
  • To help you start at the right point in the curriculum given your current level of expertise (if you do not know anything at all about Bansuri, don’t worry. There is an appropriate place to start for that as well.
  • To help you enroll into the program

This lesson follows exactly the same structure as every other lesson in this site and therefore should help you get good idea on what to expect.

In many cases, your starting point will be with no prior knowledge of Bansuri or music. In some cases, you may have knowledge of some form of some music or instrument. This lesson also helps us assess your starting point vis a vis the content in this site and subscribe you to the right lesson level.

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