Lesson 1 – The Basics


By the end of this lesson –

  • You should be able to play two octaves on the Bansuri with flow
  • You should develop some (but not necessarily perfect) clarity in your blowing
  • You should be able to hold the Bansuri in the correct way

This is a pretty short lesson in terms of content. However, this first lesson offers different degree of challenges to different people and the time it takes to complete this lesson can vary significantly. In general, if you have never played Bansuri before, in most cases you should be able to complete this lesson in 3-4 weeks.

This lesson talks about technique to hold Bansuri. Your technique stays with you for the rest of your Bansuri playing life. Bad technique can hold you back from faster progress and hence this lesson is very important for beginners.

If you already play Bansuri, you may be able to browse through this lesson quickly and move directly to lesson 2. I would still insist that you go through this lesson and check if you are missing any of the points raised.