Lesson 3 – Playing Tunes


By the end of this lesson –

  • You should be able to play some of the easy tunes of your choice
  • You should be able to analyze simple tunes in terms of relative distances between notes.
  • You should develop appreciation for ornamentation and rhythm in the tune

You should have completed the first and second lessons before attempting this lesson.


Important Note –

You will need the following accessories for the next lesson (Lesson 4). You may want to order them if you don’t already have them, so that they arrive in time for Lesson 4. You do not need them for this lesson.

1. Tanpura – My recommended tanpura is the iTablaPro iOS App. This app runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you do not want to buy these, you can buy Radel MaestroS electronic tanpura. You should get this in most music shops in India or from the manufacturer. Please note though that there is remarkable difference in quality of sound between iTablaPro and any electronic tanpura.

2. Chromatic Tuner – You can find more about it here.